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Letters to the editor

Thank you to our Davison Community Schools’ staff

As I think about the approximately 700 staff members that play a critical role in our organization, it is clear that each and every staff member at Davison Community Schools is the reason our school district is such a special place for our students, families and community. The role of educator (teacher, bus driver, secretary, paraprofessional, cook, custodian, lunch monitor, caregiver, principal, administrator, etc.) has never been tougher than it is today and they are very much appreciated.

Our staff embraces our mission of putting kids first and ensures that our students get the best start to a successful future. That's quite a commitment and I personally thank our staff for taking the opportunity to have a positive, lifelong impact on the children they serve. Their work not only matters, but it's seemingly one of the most impactful jobs there is.

When guest speaker Dr. Kenneth Wesson provided our back to school kickoff last August, he discussed the difference between a surgeon and an educator; the surgeon has one patient, that patient is under anesthesia and they have half a dozen assistants in the room with them to meet the needs of their individual patient. Now, visualize that operating room as a classroom, school bus, cafeteria, etc. The job of our staff may be a bit different than that of a surgeon but every bit, if not more, challenging.

Please join me in recognizing DCS Staff Appreciation Week and letting our staff members know the work they do is commendable and appreciated.

And to our DCS staff, a sincere thanks for all that you do to put kids first. It matters far more than you know.

Eric Lieske, Superintendent,

Davison Community Schools

This is Teacher Appreciation Week!

I want to pause and pay honor to the teachers in the Davison Community School district who invested in me and shaped me with an education that prepared me for where I am today and for an opportunity to fulfill my dreams for where I want to go.

Not every student learns at the same pace or in the same way. Many are visual learners, and a lot of students freeze when they have to take a test. I am proud of our Davison teachers who take the time to evaluate each student's needs. Davison teachers push to make sure our students achieve academic success, they inspire students to pursue goals, encourage students to fulfill their potential, and they can be a trusted source of advice for students weighing important life decisions. I know this from personal experiences right here in Davison.

Thirty years from now, former students will be sitting around the dinner table with their children naming teachers who impacted their lives. Every teacher leaves a mark of some kind on every student who sits in their classroom. God bless all who teach, are learning to teach, or spent a lifetime teaching.

Davison teachers rock!

Matthew Smith,

Davison Township

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