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Letters to the editor

Davison: successful growing area

Like most people living in our area, I have been excited to see so many ribbon cuttings taking place in Davison. Between the new and expanding businesses and individuals moving to Davison, I feel our community is experiencing successful growth.

Our community offers businesses with local owners. These businesses offer the unique charm of family run, friendly atmospheres and welcoming environments that define Davison.

People are eager to move to the safe neighborhoods we are raising our families in. Local Police and Fire Departments are committed to serve but also play a role in educating our community about the services they provide. Thank you to these dedicated public servants for all they do.

Between Davison Community Schools, Davison Parks, Library and other organizations, our community offers a wide variety of events and activities. Throughout the year there are at least one or two things going on that sparks the interest of many.

I know my family loves living in Davison and am thankful for each person and organization that make our community great. The people of Davison are continually working hard and passionate to see the community grow and because of that Davison will continue to do so successfully!

Travis Howell

Davison Township

Davison schools leading the way

If the young (two years out of high school) Matthew Smith has any brilliant ideas that he thinks would benefit educational opportunities for Davison students, he doesn’t have to save them for a seat on the school board. He is absolutely welcome at any time to present them to the District for consideration. In fact, every year the District solicits the suggestions of recent graduates and community leaders, and puts many of them into practice.

As to the makeup of the current board of education: three of us have a great deal of experience on the board. Four of us are young parents with very little board experience, but who have impressive work and life experiences. We bring all our mature talents into a harmonious balance to benefit children and our community, and not one of us is self-serving, politically ambitious, or looking to springboard into higher office. Our primary job is to set goals and visions. The real work is then done by hundreds of high-performing administrators and staff.

Davison School District has always been a good school district. It is now considered one of the finest in the county, and even the state. DHS was even named among the top high schools in the country by US News & World Report. Our district is in constant demand to present our programs and innovations to other districts around the state. Realtors tell us that our schools are the primary calling card for rising home sales. In no aspect are we falling behind any curve. In fact, Davison often sets the curve…including in technology.

So Master Smith need not fret if he doesn’t manage to bully his way onto the local school board with his five hundred signs, incessant self-promotion, and personal attacks. I’m sure political fame awaits him somewhere.

Karen D. Conover

Secretary, Davison Board of Education

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