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Township to repave Crystalwood Drive

By Gary Gould
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DAVISON TWP. — The township will take part in what officials are calling a “rare project” in which it will administrate the repaving of Crystalwood Drive, handling most aspects of the improvements, taking it from the hands of the Genesee County Road Commission.

The board voted 3-2, Feb. 13, to move ahead with reconstruction of the drive, located off E. Court Street, near N. Gale Road. The project will cost $45,500-$52,325, to be paid for through a special assessment on each property owner over the next five years.

Supervisor Karen Miller said the project will cost each property owner about $1,820 each over the next five years. This includes 5 percent interest.

She said a 15 percent contingency will be in place in case there are unforeseen costs once they get into the project. The contingency would raise the total cost of the job to $52,325.

Property owners can pay off the assessment at any time to avoid interest, Karen Miller confirmed.

Zoning and Building Administrator Randy Stewart said the GCRC inspected the road to see if it could receive a simple crack seal, but they found the cracks in the pavement are too large and the base beneath is deteriorating.

With this plan Crystalwood Drive will be milled about 2-inches, then contractors will add a second layer. The pavement, he said, will be slightly inverted to keep water from the road draining into the gutters. Stewart said the work should last 20 years.

Residents were sent notices by mail informing them of the public hearing, said Miller. Less than 10 residents came to the hearing, their votes for the project evenly split.

She added they had received a few emails from residents, but over most had not responded.

If a property owner did not attend the hearing to vote, or failed to communicate their vote in any other manner, Miller said it would be counted as a “yes” vote.

Trustee Matt Karr and Clerk Cindy Shields both voted against the proposal, citing since the township had not heard from all of the 20-25 residents living on Crystalwood to see what the majority wanted to do, the board should allow for more time.

“I just don’t like the letter,” said Karr, “that it says the vote is automatically ‘yes’ if the property owner doesn’t respond.”

Attorney David Lattie said the board could move ahead, adding the letter was not running against the statute.

“People who made the effort to be here cared,” said Treasurer Pat Miller. “The ones we have not heard from could have sent a letter or e-mail.”

Stewart said any delay would bump the project from its projected start date in June. The repaving should only take about three days and Stewart said there would be some inconvenience to residents.

Typically the road commission would administer such a project, but Stewart said the fact Davison Township will be handling it is one of the reasons cost could be kept down. The GCRC will oversee and inspect the work to make sure it is up to standards.

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