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Letters to the editor

Be lifted up this year

Some of us make New Year’s resolutions to make ourselves better in some way. We hope that we can stick to the plan in order to lift up or improve our situation. After many blown resolutions and plans going awry. I have a novel idea: ask God; Jesus will lift you up.

When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman (John chapter 4) at a well in her hometown, the Lord went against the culture on two accounts: (1) she was a woman and (2) she was a Samaritan. Both were considered second class in his culture. The woman had even more things going against her: she was a social failure and a great sinner, having had five husbands and currently living with a man without that commitment.

In spite of all these negative things in her life (and ours), Jesus offers everyone equality and elevated status by the “Life Giving Water” of His Spirit. His offer of “Eternal Life” plus the freedom to worship the Father “in Spirit and In Truth.” He changed the way women are looked at, sinners are looked at and people of low social standing are looked. He challenges religious and cultural tradition in favor of free, honest expression. In all, His earthly ministry, Jesus removed things that help people down. He lifts up everyone who will take His hand and gives life, hope and peace to people without them. He has done it for me over and over.

Now for the greatest hope and ‘lifting up.’ Because Jesus became human, He could die for our sins and offer God the Father’s perfect, sinless sacrifice for our sin and hopelessness. He makes us fit for Heaven. Jesus was lifted up on the tree as a curse, becoming a curse for us. And because God raised Him from the grave, Jesus will raise us up, that is those who have placed their trust in Him. Becoming “the first born among many brother,” Jesus is in heaven now, waiting for our ultimate lifting up when the trumpet of God will sound to take us home. — David Pompo, Associated Pastor, Living Grace Community Church, Davison

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