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Grand opening for Davison Farmers Market on horizon

By Carrie RaCosta
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DAVISON TWP. — Excitement is escalating for the unveiling of the soon to be completed Davison Farmers Market, scheduled for a soft opening on May 1.

The year-round market is intended to elicit “an old-fashioned classic farmers market feel,” according to Manager Sandy Coykendall.

It is not connected to, nor is it replacing, the Davison Downtown Development Authority Farmers Market which will still run Fridays this summer in Shopper’s Alley in Davison.

The vision for a country atmosphere is a shared one echoed by co-owner Mark Wood, who also owns D&W Awning and Windows.

Wood partnered with his brother Dave in this venture.

Wood, a resident from birth, values the sense of rural emphasis kept in the hearts of his neighbors.

“I see people coming here on a Saturday and hanging around. It will be a nice family place. I also see it is as destination spot,” said Wood.

Visible from I-69, and right off the Davison exit; the market is in a prime location for both of those prospects, as it is situated near the highway serving as a landmark, and across the street from the lake and park area on the entry side.

Due to proximity to the expressway, design style, and emphasis on a full family experience; Wood said he thinks it will become a point of distinction for township residents. One, he cites of the many, already praised by visitors to Davison Township,

“I imagine people coming here from a 30 mile radius,” he said.

With more than 50 vendors already contracted from cities as diverse as Port Austin, Imlay City, Washington, and Royal Oak; Wood may be underestimating by a wide margin the draw his new business venture, will produce.

Wood said he sees the market flowing nicely with the timing of the park plans set in motion by Davison Township’s Zoning and Building Administrator Randy Stewart.

Wood cites Stewart as a great vocal advocate of the market, but also extends his appreciation to the entire township board, and the immense positive feedback from community members.

The Davison Farmers Market was designed with both shoppers and diners in mind. The owners plan to keep community gatherings like chili cook-offs paramount to the space.

This is very much a must on Coykendall’s list. She grew up on a farm in Otisville, and started her work as a vendor with her parents in 1972. She said she wants the market to stay true to the spirit of the farming community.

Thus, they are offering an alternative way to shop or spend the weekend. It is one that harkens back to traditions of a time somewhat forgotten, but not lost on the spirit of the township›s residents; who may even with smart phones in hand, seem to set an example in the county, for combining old and new to great appeal.

Signaling just how near completion this project is, on Monday a winning ticket was selected for the Smart Car raffle, previously held to build momentum for the Grand Opening. The winner of that prize will be announced on May 17.

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