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Halloween highlights…

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Ilove Halloween. The costumes, trick-or-treating, decorations, haunted

Gary Gould — Managing Editor      Gary Gould — Managing Editor attractions, hayrides and weeks of campy Halloween movies preceding the big event of the month are all part of the appeal. Having my kids this year to go trickor treating was a real bonus for what I consider to be one of best holidays of the year.

Our motley crew consisted of my daughter Lucy, a “skull fairy”, my son Sam, a recon soldier, Reese, a dead Renaissance Festival actor, and three more oddly dressed friends. At the stroke of 6 p.m. they were off and running, like it was a marathon, to see who could beg for the most candy.

Going trick-or-treating was a challenge for me this year; coming off of being sick with respiratory problems mixed with the cold air, my frequent coughing landed me the job of wheelman in the warm truck following along the street, while Hillary speed-walked trying to keep up with the ambitious group.

It wasn’t long into the night when Lucy took notice that her trick-or-treat bag was getting full, fast. At one point she proclaimed, “All I have to do is smile and I get handfuls of candy. I’m good at this!” From a dad’s point of view, she does really well with the puppy-dog face too. Oh, I feel bad for her future husband, whoever he might be.

The little con artist gene apparently runs in the family. Sam’s bag got so heavy at one point he had to dump it in another bag we had in the truck. After dumping it he returned to trick-or-treating and at the first house with his newly emptied bag, he put on a big sad face and told the people there, “I don’t have any candy.” Apparently the sympathy card worked, because he made out like a bandit.

At one house the kids discovered they were getting something besides candy. Apparently the home of a dentist, the family there was handing out new Colgate toothbrushes rather than

un-toothfriendly candy. Sam, upon receiving his toothbrush,

marched over to Hillary and opened his bag for her to see. His face and voice filled with utter disgust, he announced, “Look what I got! A toothbrush. A TOOTHBRUSH?” The 6-yearold candy goblin saw this as no treat. Sorry kid, but there’s one in every neighborhood.

Just as I thought the group was winding down from running for hours in the cold and darkness, they stumbled across a house handing out barbequed hotdogs. Turns out, that’s all it took for them to be re-energized and ready to keep going.

On all things fun, there is always a tax, a mom-dad tax in the case of Halloween candy. Once we collected the candy containing nuts from those allergic to them and all the gummy and hard candy from the one who wore braces, mom and dad hadn’t made out too bad. At the end of the night, the kid’s haul wasn’t too bad either, a bag full of candy, a toothbrush and a hot dog. I love Halloween.

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