2007-11-07 / Sports

Players learn 'kiszka'

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This football season was great and we learned a lot. The whole team contributed to our undefeated season, but most of all we have to thank the coaches for all their time spent with the lightweights.

We will never forget the locker room after a win and Coach Fray’s famous four words, "How ’bout them Cards!"

Coach Hansen could not be outdone, so after our Flushing win he wore lightning green shorts. He called them his victory shorts. He wore them even when it was raining and only 35 degrees outside.

Coach Williams was not just our motivational speaker, but a loud and celebrational coach. He went wild when our second defense had a goal line stand for four straight plays against Grand Blanc West on about the five-inch line. Coach Williams was so excited for us that he almost knocked Coach Hansen down.

Finally, against Grand Blanc West, we came together as one team. As Coach Fray said, "You guys finally came out of the closet tonight." Our offense was a force to be reckoned with and our defense gave up only one score all year. We had great play from all the vigorous workouts and training at practice.

We will always remember this season. We will be sitting around a campfire someday 30 years from now looking back on our championship season (especially Hansen’s green shorts).

(Cody Wangler and Jack Chittle are eighth graders at Davison Middle School.)

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