2007-10-31 / Opinion

Renters now; homeowners will be next

Letter To The Editor:

The city is thinking about imposing an inspection fee on landlords. Does anyone think the landlords are going to absorb this cost?

No, just like when gas goes up and groceries go up, the consumer pays. It will be passed onto the tenants (residents of Davison).

The city government should think twice before making a decision that will affect so many people.

Inspections will require more administrative work and more manpower, which will result in the need for more taxpayer dollars.

In addition, this act will give justification in allowing the city to impose similar ordinances onto homeowners, pitting homeowners and landlords against each other in regards to unfair or discriminating practices regarding property owners.

Who will gain? Not the residents. It’s more money for the city. We all give them enough money as it is.

An article claiming half of Davison residents were renters probably prompted this idea (not unsightly homes). The ordinances currently in place already address problems concerning upkeep.

If the city is that desperate for money, maybe we should get rid of the waste at city hall by eliminating unneeded positions. At least this will not fall on the backs of Davison residents.

The fee is not what is going to burden the taxpayers. It will be the administrative and manpower cost to enforce the ordinance.

Mary Brennan

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