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Blue Candle Campaign raises money for Thin Blue Line

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Officer Amy White holds a blue candle. (Index photo by Monica Dufour)Officer Amy White holds a blue candle. (Index photo by Monica Dufour)By MONICA DUFOUR
Staff Writer,
The Davison Index
April 19, 2006

Richfield Township resident Amy White hopes to see a blue candle in every window of Davison Saturday, May 13 for the 17th annual Candlelight Vigil to remember fallen police officers.

White hopes her Blue Candle Campaign will raise money as well as awareness for the Thin Blue Line of Michigan, a non-profit organization to assist and support the families of injured or deceased police officers.

White, a Flint Township police officer for 10 years, knew about the organization, but really became motivated to get involved with raising funds after her husband, Richfield Township Police Officer David White, was struck by a motor vehicle while on duty a few years ago.

"Dave was standing outside his vehicle when he was hit. Luckily, he came out of it with some minor bumps and bruises."

While the couple didn’t need the service of the Thin Blue Line, she was happy to know help was available if it was ever needed.

White, who is also a PartyLite consultant, thought of the idea of selling a blue candle offered by PartyLite to raise money to help the Thin Blue Line.

She spoke with Laurie Reinacher, founder of the Thin Blue Line, with her idea a little over a year ago. Reinacher liked the idea, so White began her campaign.

Proceeds from the purchase of the candles will go directly to the Thin Blue Line of Michigan to continue their assistance to officers and their families, she said.

"I ask that these blue candles be kept lit to remember and honor our fallen heroes."

White’s goal is to have every officer and law enforcement supporter — wives, husbands, parents, relatives, and friends will have a blue candle in their windows lit by May 13.Cost of the blue candles are $15 each.

So far, she’s raised about $300. "It would great if I could sell 2,000 candles to raise $30,000."

For more information about the Thin Blue Line and the blue candle sale, go to www.tblofmi.com or call her at 516-7690.

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